Breaking fashion stereotypes: Exploring men wearing skirts across cultures

In recent years, fashion has played an integral role in expressing their thoughts, breaking the traditional stereotyping norms on what women and men should wear. One notable trend that has existed for decades is men wearing skirts as a trending fashion experience.

Actually, the men wearing skirts started before the women were wearing them. The fabric around their waist has existed for centuries, and definitely it is a sign of masculinity. Many people only know that it is a culture of the Scottish community, but there are countries that are wearing these skirts as part of their cultures.

If we dig deeper into the culture, we will see men wearing skirts in older days, which was a common dressing style. During ancient times, wearing skirts by a man was a sign of status, functionality, and tradition.

If I examine contemporary culture for older times, where men were freely wearing skirts without hesitation, If we understand all the cultural references where men are wearing skirts, it will help us to understand the depth of this fashion statement.

But this time our Gen Z is experimental and tried wearing these skirts in fusion style, breaking the stereotype that skirts are only associated with women. Men wearing skirts effortlessly is a symbol of strong self-expression and breaking the gender-biased taboo.

In this article, we will explore which countries embrace men wearing skirts as part of their culture.

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Men wearing skirts, also called kilts in Scotland, is a part of their tradition. They usually wore this type of clothing during weddings and official occasions, but nowadays it is common and men are wearing it as a fashion statement.

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Fiji :

Fiji was controlled by Britishers earlier, and their culture of men wearing skirts, also called sulu, is not very old. They started this culture after their independence. Fiji men began to wear sulu to emphasize their faith in Christianity.

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Greece :

Men wearing skirts, also called fustanella, are an evolved version of the dress code for their military. Their soldiers wear this type of clothing. Nowadays, it is the biggest tourist attraction where people wear them when they visit this country.

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Myanmar, earlier known as Burma, is located in south Asia. Here, men wear a 2.0-meter-long cloth around their waist, which is also known as paschou. This fabric is 2 meters long and 0.8 meters wide. To make their walk more comfortable, men wear them around their hips and not on their bellies to make them comfortable in all senses.


Bhutan is also located in South Asia. When men wear skirts in Bhutan, it is called gho. This entire traditional style is worn by men with long pull-up socks to the knee and a specially designed scarf called a Kani.

Earlier, people said silence spoke louder than words, and now we can say fashion speaks louder than anything. Fashion defines you. You can tell who you are by looking at your attire. Whether you are a fashion lover, a girl next door, or a strong-headed man or woman who wants to break certain stereotype rules.

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