Embrace your style in the workplace with graphic tees; it is casual and cool

Graphic tees are super stylish, and Gen Z is in love with them. But if you think of wearing them at work, it is a bit tricky and needs smart thinking when styling them. We are sure that with the right amount of styling and layering, it will be smart casual wear at the workplace.

When it comes to official clothing, HR gives clear instructions that everyone is required to wear formal, semi-casual, or ethnic wear. Employees are not allowed to wear round tees, rugged or ripped jeans, casual tops, or tees. But a smart employee who is interested in fashion can easily work around and make the dressing fall into acceptable corporate clothing.

Now, you must be imagining wearing tank tops, bodysuits, graphic tees, etc. at work. But these are NSFW, as decided by old corporate decision-makers. But here is the good news: you can definitely wear your favorites to work with the right layering and styling.

So here is the question: which is the easiest option to style without any objection?

And the answer would be graphic tees.

We will hardly find a person who is not in love with graphic tees. They are the current favorites of Gen Z.because they give cool vibes and definitely convey what is on your mind because graphic tees always have some messages written on them. Today we will find out how we can style graphic t-shirts at work.

Simple ways to play with graphic t-shirts at the workplace:

So we are from Gen Z, and our wardrobe is filled with too many graphic tees. But wearing them at work is unethical. Wearing graphic t-shirts at the workplace can be too much if not layered correctly.

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Suit up

So here is solution 1: combine your graphic tees with a vibrant pants suit. This is a #OOTD kind of solution, and it definitely screams at the workplace. Have fun while choosing your outfit. Go with a bright-colored pantsuit with colors like pink, red, and orange. Make sure they are body-fitting.

You can also wear peppy-colored suits with neutral-colored graphic tees. Go with a black, grey, or white tee to create dramatic style; complete the entire look with stilettos and minimal jewelry.

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Layer up

Layering up your graphic tees is one of the perfect solutions to show off your style. It will make your attire look more sophisticated and acceptable. You can wear your favorite graphic tee with that extra layer on top. You can layer up your style with a trench coat, leather jacket, or blazer that go well with your overall style.

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So when you are confused and not able to come up with a solution, wear your graphic tees with a skirt. Try a mid-length pencil skirt in a neutral color like black, brown, or white. You can choose to wear a denim jacket that will definitely give you a classy look and cool vibes. We suggest tucking your graphic tees and choosing the footwear tinning with your graphic t-shirt.

Keep your hair open, or you can choose a high ponytail to complete your overall look.


Accessories are something that are really important, and with minimal accessories, one can achieve that classy and elegant look with graphic t-shirts too.

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Our final words are:

Do not overboard aunty style and layering; keep everything in limit. Avoid wearing too many accessories and gumboots at your workplace. Wear what is comfortable for you at your workplace, because one needs to be presentable and active. Always style as per your skin tone and body type. Avoid wearing anything that shows your skin and is considered unethical at the workplace.

Until then, stay stylish!

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