If you’re planning to wear a Lehenga on your big day, remember these points

As we all know, Indian weddings are big and fat, filled with celebrations and functions. But for the person for whom all these arrangements have been made, the bride, who will be the centre of attraction as all the rituals will revolve around her only. And her wedding dress would be the most important thing of the evening. Most Indian brides choose Lehenga for their big day, as everyone waits for the bride to enter in the lehenga. You can say that the lehangas are the soul of every wedding.

Before you start selecting the perfect colour, cut, and design for you, explore as many options as you can. There is a huge clan of sharara available in so many colours, artworks, and designs. So go with the one that suits your personality and pocketbook.

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Body type

Lehengas come in many shapes, such as fishtail, a-line, anarkali, and straight, and the list is long. Make sure you choose the right type that will help enhance your curves.

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Keep the jewellery handy

We suggest buying jewellery before you decide on your lehenga, because a lehanga is something that you will wear once in a lifetime, but jewellery is something that you will reuse on many occasions, which means your jewellery investment is much higher than your lehenga.

Follow trends

The modern generation loves to experiment not only with how to style them but also with colour, designs, and patterns. They love to play around with their outfits in order to create their own style. This generation’s bride will definitely not choose a red lehenga for their wedding. They will certainly choose a vibrant and subtle combination to finish their look. Some will prefer capes with their lehengas. So the bottom line is, if you love experimental fashion, then grab some pieces and create your own style for your big day.

What your groom is wearing

It is important to consider what your groom is wearing before you decide on your lehenga. Both partners should know the colour of their outfits to decide their final look and shade.

So these are the common tips to look for while buying a lehenga for your wedding. Take help from the internet, friends, and family to get that super cool lehenga for your big day.

Until then, stay stylish!

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